A website for the Letterkenny TV show, which appears on CraveTV and The Comedy Network in Canada.  

The Hicks

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They keep to themselves and have little patience for people who aren’t like them, especially the Skids and Hockey Players. They know how to work hard and they get more fresh air in a day than you’ll get in your entire life. They thrive at farmers markets, pig roasts, and country jamborees. They hate hockey rinks, skate parks, and city folk.


The Hockey Players

The Hockey Players are extremely self-assured. No one can chirp/beak/carve (insult you) like a hockey player. They speak exclusively in hockey player slang and are constantly taking the piss out of anyone who crosses their path. 


The Skids

The Skids are completely inspired but entirely unmotivated. They are the most sophisticated and well spoken of the groups. When they’re not doing meth and playing video games in Stewart’s basement, they hang out outside the convenience store. They are the most neutral of the groups, only because they can’t decide who they hate more – the Hicks or Hockey Players.

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